Salahi ineligible for VA7 ballot: "I'm surprised," says no one ever

Last week the blogosphere (OK: just this blog) was up in arms about a latecomer to the VA7 Congressional race: Tareq Salahi, supposedly with the Independent Greens. One problem: apparently he didn't collect enough petition signatures to get on the ballot.

That doesn't mean he will go away entirely, though. Style Weekly's Tom Nash, who broke the original Salahi story, reported that Salahi is going to continue, presumably as a write-in candidate. As of this morning, the Independent Green Party of Virginia still had a link to a brief page for Salahi's campaign. (Although that should be taken with a grain of salt. I hate to bust on a struggling third party when our 2-party system does so much to crush them, but come on - the IGPV's website uses Comic Sans as a headline font.)

Still, the lack of ballot access reduces Salahi to a fringe-of-the-fringe candidate, meaning he should be less likely to find the center ring.