We can't stop: Del. Morrisey Indicted

Apparently in Virginia, we can't stop, and we won't stop, with the political gut-punches. Democratic Delegate Joe Morrissey was indicted yesterday on 5 counts of inappropriate sexual conduct with a minor, his 17-year-old receptionist. Of course the usual caveats about innocent until guilty apply here, but the story the prosecutors tell is pretty damning.

Morrissey has -- being generous here -- had a checkered history, including being disbarred two decades ago for yelling at judges, ignoring court procedures, and getting into fistfights with opposing attorneys. (And then lying about the disbarment for consulting gigs.) One of my favorites: after getting into a fistfight with a contractor at his house (after already being on probation), Morrissey was sentenced to 50 hours community service for Habitat, and then TRIED TO BRIBE THE HABITAT OFFICIAL TO WEASEL OUT OF HIS SERVICE TIME. And all this BEFORE he was elected to the House of Delegates. [Insert sarcastic comment about the Virginia Way here.]

If Morrissey resigns or (more likely, since he seems ready to fight the charges) is forced out, that won't affect the state's balance of power anywhere near as much as the Phil Puckett drama. But Democrats in the legislature, who are already famously disorganized, certainly don't need this distraction.