Jack Trammell's Re-Launch

There's a nice profile of Jack Trammell in today's Richmond Times-Dispatch (for out-of-towners, the Paper of Record here in RVA). Two things to note:

  • The Trammell campaign has to be very happy with the tone of the article. While the authors acknowledge the demographic mountain he's got to climb in the district, it does note the opportunity a fellow neophyte as an opponent presents. More importantly, Jack airs out some policy positions. Knowing Jack a little, I know he's sincere about wanting this campaign to be about an exchange of ideas. Hopefully Dave will follow suit, but it will be interesting to see how much he believes in his frontrunner status. (It would be ironic if Dave avoided debate, considering how much he criticized Cantor for ducking him.)
  • Jack's cleaned himself up, with a shave and a haircut! He's making the rest of us shaggy academics look bad.